Thank you to everyone who submitted a video for the Big Messages! Congratulations to Jim Wilson on his winning video.


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Video Submissions


Your Hearing Health Matters

Hearing screenings are important, because everyone deserves to hear someone say "I love you."

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Why Does It Take 10 Years?

Hearing loss negatively affects you mental health. Don't wait to take action!

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An Invisible Epidemic

Healthy hearing is healthy learning! Children with hearing impairments need early detection to ensure that their development isn't affected.

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The Number One

I share my story of being in hospital and what it was like to see others my age with hearing problems be unable to communicate with their loved ones.

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A Human Need and a Human Right

Communication is important to human life, but a hearing impairment can negatively impact communication.

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Hearing Loss should not go untreated....

A short animation showing how family and friends should step in when a loved-one can't hear and participate

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