Why are Big Messages important?

Hearing and sound play essential roles in helping people develop, communicate, participate and contribute to society across a lifespan. Those are Big Messages and important ones. We want to create an appreciation of the importance of hearing and sound to help spread the Big Messages.

We plan to use social media to spark local and global conversations that will heighten interest and attract attention to the Big Messages not just among people with hearing loss but among the general public, policy makers, the media, professionals, employers, the medical profession, the hearing aid industry, educators and patient groups.

Help Start the Conversation About Why Hearing – and Hearing Care – Matter

Through the Big Messages Video Competition at the Audiology Now!, you can help meaningful conversations about hearing get started on and offline. We invite you to share your perspective, your unique stories, and your personal feelings and experiences about the value of hearing in a short video (less than two minutes).

You don’t need a fancy production to participate in the Big Messages Video Competition. A heartfelt “selfie” captured on your smartphone or tablet will work just fine. If you’re attending AudiologyNOW! 2016, you can also take advantage of the video recording booth at the Ida Institute Exhibit #701.  

Tell us why you feel passionate about hearing and why it is important to increase appreciation for hearing and sound. Use your own words and share a story or a message that is meaningful to you. And add your own personality and creativity.

As a hearing care professional, your video story can have added value and credibility. You can help people understand and appreciate Big Messages in ways that are especially powerful – and that can motivate them to carry the Big Messages forward to their families, friends, communities, organizations and more. 

What makes a winning Big Message?

  • A message worth spreading
  • Potential to change attitudes
  • Promote appreciation of hearing and sound
  • Compel people to take action

The creator of the best video submission will win an Apple iPad™